Genesis Thor 100 RGB , Mini Gaming keyboard Screen

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Product description

Programmable mechanical keypad designed for gamers which despite its small size contains many features. The keyboard is equipped with 39 keys and red mechanical switches with extremely fast response time 8ms and high durability for demanding use. The Genesis Thor 100 RGB contains gaming software which allows recording different macros or functions to any key, as well as selecting one of 10 backlight modes and adjusting the backlight color of each key from RGB palette (16 million colors). Ergonomic wrist support provides comfortable use even for several hours of game play and thanks to the compact size of the keyboard you can take it with you to any LAN party or tournament.
The Thor 100 RGB keyboard is equipped with high-quality OUTEMU RED mechanical switches with a lifetime up to 50 million clicks, characterized by its linear motion, extremely-fast response time, low activation point 2mm and quiet work. These switches require only 45 gram force to activate and allows quicker pressing of keys and increase your efficiency.
The keyboard includes advanced gaming software which allows to you assign any function or record different macros to each key and launch a murder fire with a single push of a button. Additionally, the software allows you to program various multimedia features or shortcuts.
Every true gaming keyboard must not only be effective, but should also look nice. Therefore the Thor 100 RGB offers an impressive RGB backlight which is not just for a beauty, but also helps to find the right keys during using at night. The user can select one of ten backlight modes, where some modes allow individual color settings for each key from the RGB palette (16 million colors). Most modes offer the option to adjust the backlight brightness level or speed and direction of the effects. If necessary, the backlight can be simply switched off.
Body of the Thor 100 RGB is made of durable materials that ensure strength and longevity. Ergonomic wrist support provides comfortable use even for several hours of game play and thanks to the compact size of the keyboard you can go to any LAN party or use it as an extension of your armory for special tasks.
The keyboard is equipped with the N-key Rollover, which allows you to press any number of keys at the same time without worrying that one of them will not be registered.

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